A 3D Virtual Tour Platform   for Social Distancing

Safer, Personal Interaction Between Agent, Buyer and Property.


3D Virtual Tours For All

Create High Quality 3D Virtual Tours. Directly On Your Smartphone Or 360 Camera.

Introducing Homespace360

HomeSpace360 is a first of its kind, user-centric self-serve 3D platform (vs. other external 3D camera and film crew solutions). It enables real estate marketers to create, deliver, share and manage 360 virtual tours in 3D to prospective buyers and renters at scale, using smartphones or 360 cameras.

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How Does HomeSpace360 Work?

3 EASY steps!

  1. Set Up Your HomeSpace360 Account.
  2. CREATE A PROJECT: Use Your Phone or 360 camera To Capture
                Panoramic Photos, then Add Hopspots, Info Tags, Floor Plans, And
  3. SHARE: Your virtual tours can be viewed in 2D or immersive 3D*
                using a mobile VR headset.

* VR Tours can be viewed in 2D on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device connected to the internet. To experience in 3D, use a smartphone and any entry-level VR headset.

Engage Buyers With Minimal Physical Interaction

Since COVID-19 has made its way through the world, the social distancing policies put into place to stem the spread of the coronavirus are forcing real estate companies to adopt new technologies and new ways of doing business.

In the past, realtors have preferred to bring property seekers into open-house events, shake their hands and show them around the space. But now, they don’t have a choice, and moving forward, post-COVID, spatial 3D virtual tours are the most effective means to sell or lease a property with minimum physical interaction between agent, customer, and property. Here’s How…

Step 1: Capture Your Tour

Use your smartphone or 360 camera to capture panoramic images.

Step 2: Create Your Tour

HomeSpace360’s online editing application enables you to customize your tour easily and quickly. Enrich your tour with HopSpots, InfoTags, text boxes, additional pictures, videos, and more. Share your tours via email, text, social media platforms, websites, and listings.

Step 3: Share Your Tour

Generate leads by sharing your tours via email, text, social media platforms, websites, and listings. A Virtual tour differentiates your listing from the competition, especially given the similarity of property portal listings. More attention means more potential customers – which increases the chances of achieving the asking price. 

Step 4: Engage With Customers

85% of property seekers prefer to meet the agent before making a decision. This is your chance to deliver a premium in-person experience to your customers.
So, ALWAYS bring your VR headset when meeting customers.

Why? Because in a 30 minute meeting you can transport customers "virtually" to 10-15 properties BEFORE deciding to visit "physically". The engaging 3D experience helps accelerate the decision-making process, saves everyone time, reduces physical interaction, and closes deals faster.

Step 5: Win More Listings

Increase your brand image. Stand out from your competition. Buyers and sellers like to work with tech-savvy professionals.


Sanitize The Headset Vs. Sanitize The Property

    It is important to follow the protocols below to sanitize your VR Headset:

    1. Lenses: Wipe the lenses of your headset with a dry microfiber cloth, the same kind you would use to clean glasses or computer screen. DO NOT use alcohol wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, or other cleaning agents on the lenses. It will damage the lens coating.

    2. Foam Padding: Wipe the foam pad of your headset with microfiber cloth dabbed into water with soap or disinfecting alcohol after every user.

    3. Clean the VR shell/casing with non-alcohol-based anti-bacterial wipes or alcohol swabs after every user.

    4. Make sure the residue from non-alcohol wipes completely dries-it can be a bit harsh on some people's skin.

    5. Keep your VR headset somewhere where it won't collect dust.

    Easily available cleansing items are non-alcohol-based anti-bacterial wipes or alcohol swabs.

    If you need a replacement faceplate, please visit VRCover.